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BPS Welcomes 3Point as Opportunity Priority Partner

At the start of this year, 3Point joined a select group of after-school programs by being selected as a Opportunity Priority Partner by the Boston Public Schools (“BPS”)following an extensive evaluation of our programing, personnel and educational philosophy.  Opportunity Priority Partners are viewed by BPS as being in the top tier of after-school programs offered by nonprofits in the Boston Public Schools. BPS encourages schools to enter into partnerships with Priority Partners and provides financial incentives to schools with the most under-served students to work with Priority Partners. 3Point is one of only twenty after-school education programs designated as an Opportunity Priority Partner.  Earlier this year, 3Point was also selected as one of the 51 summer learning academies recognized by the Boston Public Schools. BPS made this selection as part of its Fifth Quarter Program. The Fifth Quarter Program encourages BPS students to attend summer learning academies to narrow the achievement gap between under-served students from urban areas and their more affluent peers. It is remarkable for a program as relatively young as ours to be selected as an Opportunity Priority Partner and Summer Learning Partner by the Boston Public Schools. We thank all of those at 3Point who madethis possible


Team Work

Pictured: Attorney General Maura Healey with the participants from the Martin Luther 

3Point’s 3rd Annual Summit With Attorney General Maura Healey

3Point’s students celebrated and presented their final projects developed during 3Point’s after-school program on April 29th at its Annual Summit at the University of Massachusetts Boston sponsored by the Attorney General’s Office. At this year’s Summit, which focused on communicating for socialchange, students engaged in a dialogue with the Attorney General, participated with her in a basketball skills contest and displayed their projects using computer design and technology. Later in the day, our youth meet with a number of elected and public officials including Deputy Superintendent Nora Baston, Carol Leon from the Mayor’s Office, City Counselor Annissa Essaibi-George, Jeffrey Lopes and Nicole Grant from the Boston Police School Unit, and Commissioner of DYS Peter Forbes all of whom generously gave of themselves to hold round-table discussions with our students about civic issues. The summit concluded with an enthusiastic display of basketball skills in a hotly contested intramural basket-ball tournament.


3Point Community Turns Out to Support Tribute For Honorees

3Point celebrated the contributions of four individuals critical to 3Point’s success. Over two hundred members of our community joined together at the Venezia in Dorchester on May 2nd to recognize Professor Joan Arches; University of Massachusetts Boston Chancellor Keith Motley; Intercontinental Real Estate Corp. CEO Peter Palandjian; and Fessenden Head of School Dave Stettler. Each received an award for her or his outstanding assistance given to 3Point to enable 3Point to serve successfully Boston’s under-served youth. An award was also given to student Jedidiah Nelson for his achievements while in the 3Point program. The evening was a great community event with 3Point raising over $200,000 from its generous supporters.

Director of Basketball Recognized by School Partner

Claude Pritchard, 3Point’s Director of Basketball Operations, has been a fixture in Boston’s basketball community. Claude, who was immensely talented as a player, has developed and trained NBA, college and high school players. More importantly, Claude has dedicated his life to helping under-served youth in Boston through basketball. Athough Claude avoids any self- promotion, our experience has been that Claude has either played with or coached almost everyone involved in a meaningful way in basketball in Boston.

We have been fortunate to have had Claude involved with 3Point’s basketball program since its inception. Claude stepped up to his current leadership role in 3Point two years ago. Claude goes out of his way to emphasize to our students that 3Point is not a “basketball program,” but uses basketball to teach critical life lessons. Claude is enormously respected by the youth with whom he works, and he does not limit himself to helping young people during the times our program is held at a school.

At the Sarah Greenwood School, the administration has come to rely on Claude as a resource to meet with troubled youth individually outside of his 3Point hours. In an unusual testament to Caude’s work with it’s students, Sarah Greenwood featured Claude in an April school newsletter to the Sarah Greenwood community.

Pictured: Claude Pritchard teaching the triple threat position to youth.