Started in 2012 by Neil Jacobs, The3PointFoundation began as a four-week summer program for 15 boys at the Fessenden School in West Newton. The approach underlying 3Point’s programs was to provide supplement academic instruction in math and English and a basketball program. In the fall 2012, 3Point continued providing after-school programming for the students from the summer program at The Reggie Lewis Center.

During its second year of operation, 3Point began a partnership with the University of Massachusetts Boston. Professor Joan Arches of UMass Boston began directing the academic program and college volunteers from UMass Boston. The UMass Boston partnership led to 3Point providing after-school programs focusing on academics, social-emotional growth and basketball at Boston Public Elementary and Middle Schools while continuing to expand the summer learning program at Fessenden.

After three years of running after-school and summer programs, in 2016, 3Point evolved into programming which featured project-based learning featuring the digital technology and fabrication equipment, social-emotional development, and integrated the lessons of the classroom with the lessons learned from basketball. In 2017, the excellence and impact of 3Point’s programming was recognized by the Boston Public Schools which, after rigorous review, designated 3Point as an Opportunity Priority Partner – one of twenty educational after-school programs so designated.

In 2018, after a second comprehensive review, the Boston Public Schools selected 3Point’s summer program as a “summer learning academy,” one of fifty programs selected at the time. 3Point has operated a summer learning academy at the Fessenden School and the Yawkey Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury. During the pandemic, 3Point offered an energetic after-school and summer program remotely. In the summer of 2021, due to space constraints, 3Point hosted it’s summer learning academy at the DeWitt Center in Boston and supported a new summer learning academy at Everett High School. 


We are a community partner of the Boston Celtics’ Shamrock Foundation and provide programs in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Boston and Emmanuel College. Our work is sponsored by private business individuals, foundations, the city, and the state. We run in-school and after-school programs at  Boston middle, and high schools. We now supplement our classroom programs with dance in some of our schools, as well as basketball. We also run a K-8 basketball league and two annual summits for our students. We serve approximately 500 students in our in-school, after-school, and summer programs. 



We seek to close the opportunity and achievement gap caused by economic inequality for underserved, low-income Boston elementary and middle school youth by providing free community-based programs that integrate project-based learning, athletics, dance, and other activities to foster the development of 21st century skills, social-emotional growth, and a growth mindset - all of which are crucial to future success.



We envision all of Boston’s youth having an equal opportunity for achievement.

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To strengthen 21 century skills, emphasizing critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration.

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To encourage the development of growth mindset, focusing on perseverance and resiliency;

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To develop a life-long commitment to fitness, wellness, and health.

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To foster social-emotional growth, inspiring self-awareness, social awareness, self- management and disciplined decision making.

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To promote a commitment to serve the community and society.