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Centuries of racism have left many Black Americans irreparably harmed emotionally, physically and economically. The systemic inequities suffered by Blacks have left them with an education system that perpetuates an opportunity and achievement gap, a criminal justice system that too often denies justice, a healthcare system that leaves them disproportionately vulnerable to disease and death, and an economic system that condemns them to poverty and unacceptable levels of violence in their communities. Today, the convergence of cataclysmic events have so highlighted the systemic inequities suffered by Blacks that previously silent elements of society are acknowledging the need for systemic change.



3Point’s vision has been and remains to disrupt the correlation between color, social, and economic status and achievement in education, employment and society. Our mission is to close the opportunity and achievement gap for Boston’s underserved and economically disadvantaged middle school youth of color through out-of-school time learning that is culturally sensitive, teaches to our youth’s strengths and fosters 21st century skills, social-emotional growth and a growth mindset.



The potential for growth and change is a core strength of our youth. The strength we witness every day in youth of color, with often less than ideal support, is a cause for optimism. We positively influence the trajectory of our youth by maintaining high expectations of achievement, teaching relevant material to their strengths and relentlessly focusing on fostering the qualities and attributes that are universally recognized as leading to achievement. We develop positive, sustained and respectful relationships with our youth. We engage youth in activities that build important life skills, and we provide opportunities for our youth to participate in and lead valued activities. At our core, we promote youth voice, and the ability of our youth to act effectively and to make their own choices through civic engagement.



Our program model is sixty minutes of project-based learning in the classroom followed by equal time in either basketball or dance two times per week for twelve weeks after-school for each school term. Our staff looks like our students and come from the same communities. We are not just in the community, but we are of the community. Our classroom teaching encourages students to ask questions, formulate issues, address opportunities for improvement in their communities, and engage in critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication. We amplify our classroom learning, with either our basketball or dance programs each of which uses these popular youth activities to develop self-awareness, social awareness, disciplined decision making, and self-management along with perseverance and resiliency. Finally, we reinforce and build on the gains our students have made during the school year by providing five and seven week summer academies.



3Point serves over 300 students annually from 7 public schools located in Roxbury and Dorchester. Our programs are co-ed with two-thirds of our program participants being boys. Our students are 58% Black and 42% Latinx with nearly 80% qualifying for federal food programs. We are independently evaluated every year. Our last evaluation showed that over 70% of our students achieved meaningful growth in the following important areas: communication, critical thinking, English language arts, math, perseverance, relationships with adults and peers and self-management. Our program has been rigorously evaluated by the Boston Public Schools and 3Point has been designated an Opportunity Priority Partner and Summer Learning Academy by BPS.


While 3Point’s project-based learning has always asked students to identify and solve authentic community issues, we will specifically focus our learning on issues of systemic racism this coming summer and next school year. Additionally, 3Point’s Board has committed to continue to support systemic change by providing the resources to allow 3Point to expand dramatically the reach of its programs:


  1. 3Point will ask its students, working with officers from the Boston Police Department, to identify issues and develop systemic solutions that will improve the interaction between the police and youth of color.

  2. 3Point will expand to serve high school students in the 2021-2022 school year, adding at least 225 new students to its programs.

  3. 3Point will partner with the University of Massachusetts Boston in opening new programs at the John W. McCormack Middle School;



Please consider being part of the change we bring to the youth we serve. You can do this by volunteering or supporting us financially. We are privileged to serve gifted and talented young people. For more information contact Vahsaun Givans at To donate visit our donate page by clicking here [...]

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