In November and December 2018, 3Point started its inaugural season of the 3Point K8 Basketball League as an extension of our after-school programming. We operated the league again in March and April 2019 after the BPS middle school league had concluded. The need for a league for K-8 schools that are not included in the Boston Public Schools Middle School League was recognized by Principal Kim Crowley of the Joseph Lee School. At her suggestion, 3Point crafted an off-season basketball league for the students from the schools from the schools in our after-school program. The League played on three Sunday’s at UMass Boston during November and December and at Emmanuel College, and the Reggie Lewis Center in the spring. We would like to thank Charlie Titus at UMass Boston and Andy Yosinoff at Emmanuel College for helping us with the facilities. Each school played two games each Sunday. There was enormous enthusiasm surrounding the League with attendance by teachers, administrators, and parents. Led by our Director of Basketball Operations, Claude Pritchard, the League furthered 3Point’s goal of encouraging a commitment to fitness and wellness and provided another venue for social-emotional learning.

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