Meet Former Boston Celtics Attorney & 3PointFoundation Founder Neil Jacobs. by Zach Servideo

Neil Jacobs is the president and founder of the 3Point Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers free educational, sports and dance programming to underserved youth in Boston. Working closely with the Boston Celtics, Boston Public Schools, UMass Boston and additional partners, Jacobs and 3Point are on a mission to improve the lives of Boston’s youth through positive reinforcement in the classroom and through group athletics.

Prior to 3Point Foundation, Jacobs served as outside team counsel for the Boston Celtics for 30 years, making it no surprise that 3Point is a community partner of the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation. In fact, Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck is one of the first people Jacobs pitched the idea of 3Point Foundation to.

Toward the end of our podcast discussion, Jacobs shares remarkable first-hand account of when the Toronto Blue Jays sued the Boston Celtics over the rights of Danny Ainge, including some incredible insight into the mind of Celtics legendary coach and

general manager Red Auerbach (see the 59:00 minute mark).

» » » Listen here: boston-celtics-attorney-3point-foundation-founder-neil-jacobs

A retired partner of the WilmerHale law firm, Jacobs has spent decades involved in numerous education and basketball programs for youth.

Now serving more than 250 students, 3Point runs after- school programs in Boston K-8 schools and operates summer programming at two locations.

Jacobs is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of 3Point, and he’s helped 3Point pivot to a virtual education model during the pandemic.

Enjoy an abridged version of our podcast interview with Jacobs below. READ MORE

This article originally appeared at the Boston Speaks Up blog

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"​We envision all of Boston’s youth having an equal opportunity for achievement."


We seek to close the opportunity and achievement gap caused by economic inequality for underserved, low-income Boston elementary and middle school youth by providing free community-based programs that integrate project-based learning, athletics, dance, and other activities to foster the development of 21st century skills, social-emotional growth, and a growth mindset - all of which are crucial to future success.


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