Virtual 3Point Meets the Challenge

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

At the start of 2020, 3Point was excited to partner with the Boston Police Department to ask our students to research and analyze what young people working with police can do to decrease violence in their schools and neighborhoods. For the first several weeks of the program, students identified and defined the types of violence they had either experienced personally or witnessed. Violence was viewed broadly from a public health perspective to include any behaviors or conditions that impair a student’s physical, emotional, social, or cognitive well-being. After coming up with their own definitions and examples, the youth researched and analyzed root causes of violence in their neighborhoods and schools, and they identified resources available to mitigate violence. During this time the youth and police engaged in discussions of the issues both identified.

Within a week after receiving the announcement of Boston Public Schools’ closure in March, our senior team and staff creatively moved 3Point online using a combination of BAND and Zoom. Notwithstanding the difficulties presented by remote learning, over 100 of our students signed up to participate in our online programming.

Our virtual 3Point program developed great momentum as our teachers, classroom coordinators, basketball coaches, and dance instructors presented engaging programming that promoted critical thinking, communication, social-emotional learning, and the values promoted by 3Point. As we stayed connected to our students, more of our students signed up and participation continued to grow throughout the year.


PHOTO CAPTION: 3Point students from the Sarah Greenwood School collaborating with officers from the Boston Police Department.

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